Hand and Terry / by Tony Chung

Met Anthony (above) a few nights ago at the Founderscard event at the Gansevoort.  Only dude at the event other than myself dressed in casual-but-stylish clothing (everyone else wearing suits or generic blazers - bleh).  He was sporting an Everlane chambray shirt and 3 year old scuffed up John Varvatos Mcallister-esque kicks.  Clearly had his clothing game together.  We talked menswear at which time he introduced the sock line he's creating with his founder, Hand and Terry.  Kickstarter link here.  We met up earlier today for tea at Argo in Flatiron.  I got to see the socks, very solid quality.   I have a pair and will be trying them on later this week.  Thanks Anthony!  Swag. Out.