Sometimes Smaller is Better, Journey to Find the Perfect Office in NYC / by Tony Chung

One of the things I love about New York is having the opportunity to work alongside like-minded entrepreneurs.  So when I first got to New York, I joined a large coworking office space where hundreds of entrepreneurs and startups shared an entire floor.  It was great.  I met lots of smart and driven people and some members of the space even became clients.  Life was great.

But as more and more folks joined the space, it became harder to focus on getting work done. I found myself socializing with folks in the space, the Internet speed slowed down, and I just wasn't focusing and getting work done.

Segue into this space that you see above (and below).  After about a year at the old place, my colleague and I decided to migrate to a more intimate space. Less noise, better location, and most importantly more focus.  We now have 8 like-minded folks from all walks of life working in this space.  Architect, designer, photographer, coder, and more.  It's a great space with an amazing location overlooking Union Square.  There is socializing, but not so much that it gets in the way of work.  We even have a small conference room for meetings and phone calls.  It's great.  I've been working out of this office for more than two years now and it's still perfect.  

Sometimes smaller is better.  

Bonus: Seth Godin's blog post (and later book) on small is the new big.