Sometimes Smaller is Better, Journey to Find the Perfect Office in NYC / by Tony Chung

One of the things I adore about being in a big city like New York is meeting and working with like-minded and driven entrepreneurs.  I had always wanted to work in a big office.  So when I first got to New York, I joined a large coworking office space where hundreds of entrepreneurs and startups shared an entire floor.  It was great.  I met lots of smart people and some members of the space even became new clients.  Life was great.

But as the space grew more popular over a year, it became harder to focus on getting work done... I found myself constantly socializing with folks in the space, the Internet speed slowed down, and I just wasn't focusing and getting work done.  Also, as with most things, increase in quantity results in decrease in quality.  As such, I started encountering more and more people I just couldn't (or didn't want to) relate with.

Segue into this space that you see above (and below).  After about a year at the large space, my colleague and I decided to migrate to a more cozy (aka small, but cozy sounds fancier) space, but with the same benefits of a large coworking space.  Less noise, better location, and most importantly more focus.  We now have 8 like-minded folks from all walks of life working in this space.  Architect, designer, photographer, coder, and more.  It's a great space with an amazing location overlooking Union Square.  There is socializing, but not so much that it gets in the way of work.  We even have a small conference room for meetings and phone calls.  It works out great.  Been based here for more than two years now and it's still perfect.  

Not too long ago, I transitioned from an iPad to an iPad mini and from a 15" MacBook pro for travel to a 13".  Ever since, life has been better (and more efficient).

Sometimes smaller is better.  

Bonus: Seth Godin's blog post (and later book) on how small is the new big.